StyleCraft Replacement Uno Foil Shaver Set of 2 (1 Red Crunchy, 1 Black Forged) Cutter Blades

$11.49 USD $11.95
Proveedor Style Craft

This set of 2 replacement cutters from StyleCraft are compatible with the Wireless UNO Shaver only. One cutter is forged (black) and the other is “crunchy” (red) for your preference. The “crunchy” cutter is more audible when you cut hair, while both perform with excellence.
While only 1 cutter fits in the machine at a time, the forged blade provides more cutting power, and the crunchy blade is perfect for guided cutting. With these two blades at your disposal, it will be much easier for you to achieve a closer and more precise shave every time.
  • • 2 REPLACEMENT (1-CRUNCHY, 1-FORGED) CUTTER BLADES for the StyleCraft or Gamma+ Uno model foil shaver
    • SUPERIOR STAINLESS STEEL ultra-thin cutters, 1-crunchy 1-forged, for the closest and smoothest shave

  • • REPLACING YOUR BLADE gives you a better, closer shave
    • FOR BEST PERFORMANCE clean after each use with a small brush or rinse with warm water once removed from the shaver

  • • EASY TO REPLACE - make sure the shaver is turned off and remove the foil head, gently pull up the old cutter blade, and replace new blade by gently pushing onto the tool, finally replace foil head
    • INCLUDES: 1 crunchy, 1 forged cutter blade