Kiss New York Cuticle Groomer - Gently Pushes Back Cuticles Clean Under Nails

$4.49 USD $4.99
Proveedor KISS


Experience Superior Performance with Double-Ended Cuticle Groomer!

Groom your nails effortlessly with the Kiss New York Cuticle Groomer. Crafted to gently push back cuticles, it ensures a clean and polished look every time. Its precise design allows for thorough cleaning under the nails, promoting hygiene and nail health.

Say goodbye to unruly cuticles and hello to professional-grade grooming at home. With the Kiss New York Cuticle Groomer, achieve salon-worthy results with ease.


  • 2-in-1 Double spoon end
  • Gently pushes back cuticles cleans under nails