Star Care Stabilizer Plus - The After Relaxer Conditioner - 16 oz

$9.26 USD


Star care stabilizer plus is a unique blend of silk moisturizer and botanical extracts that bring relaxed hair back to a balanced pH.

This conditioning complex penetrates into the hair shaft while the cuticles are open to immediately improve hair texture and elasticity.

You’ll notice immediate softness, improved tensile strength and ease of combing. Stabilizer plus will help keep hair pH set in its proper range allowing all hair services to perform at a higher degree of efficiency.


Do not dilute.

Apply a liberal amount of smart care stabilizer plus after thoroughly rinsing the relaxer. 

Allow stabilizer plus to sit on the hair 2-5 minutes.

Rinse well with cool water and towel blot dry. Follow neutralizing shampoo.

After all color services, permanent, demi or semi:

Rinse thoroughly then apply a generous amount of stabilizer plus for 5-10 minutes.

(If working with reds or coppers rinse with cool water.)