Sphinx 100% Unprocessed Virgin Raw 13x4 Frontal Wig - BODY WAVE (Up to 34" inches!)

From $114.00 USD
By Sphinx


Our 100% human virgin hair is knotted into the Body Wave lace cap by hand. The Body Wave is easy to handle, super soft, and you can style it any way you want.

Sphinx Hair is a culture of experts who are passionate about providing the highest quality hair. Our premium hair extensions are stronger in grade and quality than our competition. Experience the power of Sphinx Hair.

  • Grade: 10A
  • Texture: Body Wave 20"-34" inches
  • Up to 34" inches!
  • Comes with three combs.
  • Comes with two straps one adjustable strap in the back of unit.
  • Lace: 13x4 HD Transparent Lace
  • Cap Size: Average Size/ Normal Fit

Our Ocean Wave is untouched, unprocessed, virgin raw hair with its original natural color... collected washed, conditioned and ready for use. 

Our smooth remy hair is ready to be bleached, permed or dyed. 

300 Grams of hair each bundle