Spetra EZ Braid Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair 1X'S PACK- 26" INCH

$2.49 USD


Achieve flawless braids with Spetra EZ Braid Pre-Stretched Hair. Designed for professional styling, it features pre-stretched strands for easy braiding and natural-looking ends. Heat-friendly for hot water settings, it offers a hassle-free locking mechanism, ensuring tangle-free and ultra-light wear. Crafted for comfort, it's soft, itch-free, and comes in a range of vibrant colors. Dominate your styling game effortlessly!

  • Pre-Stretched for Professional Braid
  • Natural Looking Ends
  • Use to Hot Water Set
  • Easy lock for Braiding
  • Tangle Free
  • Ultra Light
  • Soft & Wearable
  • Itch Free