SoftSheen Carson Professional Care Free Curl Snap Back Curl Restorer - 8 oz

$8.99 USD $10.99

  • Curl Restorer instantly brings back snappy, bouncy curls after shampooing and conditioning.

    1. Shampoo hair with Carefree Curl Conditioning Shampoo. Rinse and repeat.
    2. Apply your favorite moisture conditioner.
    3. Apply Snap Back to palm, rub hands together and smooth over hair to evenly distribute.
    4. Alloy hair to set for 5 minutes, saturate hair with Carefree Curl Instant Moisturizer, and massage thoroughly into curls. To ensure even coverage, use a wide-tooth comb.

    Hair is flammable. Keep hair away from open flame, lit tobacco products, fire or sparks. Product build-up can increase the risk of flammability. Shampooing frequently can reduce this risk. Keep out of reach of children.