Pantene Miracle Rescue 10-in-1 Multi Tasking Leave-in Hair Treatment Spray- 5.7 oz

$10.00 USD


Want a product that does a lot with just a little? Try the Pantene Miracle Rescue 10-in-1 Multitasking Leave-in Hair Conditioner Spray. From detangling to strengthening to softening, this leave-in conditioner spray serves 10 functions in one product. Use on damp hair to repair damage, moisturize, detangle, strengthen against breakage, protect color, protect against heat, protect against UV light, soften, smooth, and improve the shine of dry, damaged hair.

The Miracle Rescue 10-in-1 Multitasking Leave-in is part of the Pantene Miracle Rescue product line. 10 Functions in One Spray:

  1. Repairs damaged hair
  2. Moisturizes dry hair
  3. Detangles
  4. Strengthens against breakage
  5. Protects color
  6. Protects against heat
  7. Protects against UV light
  8. Softens
  9. Smooths 
  10. Improves shine