RIO 100% Virgin Human Hair Organic Maximum Hold Adhesive Luxury Hair Tape-ins 22" - 20 Pieces

$129.99 USD


Luxury Hair Collection 

Length: 22" inches 

Organic Virgin Healthy Cuticles Hair

Used hand scissors.

Highest Grade Remy Available on Earth

Style: Straight

Count: 20pcs in each pack.

100% Organic Dubai Virgin Human Hair

Highest Grade Remy by RIO Hair


Care Instructions: 

1. Avoid excess exposure of hair to water. Water will make the hair dry. 

2. Always use sulfur-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the health of hair cuticles. 

3. Avoid cutting the weft or using excess force when brushing the hair that will lead to shedding of the hair. 

4. Always brush your hair down starting from the bottom end section. Last 3 inches, then the last 6 inches, until you reach the roots going down. 

5. Avoid excessive heat to prevent breaking of the hair and split ends. 

6. Use the multi-stages method when trying to bleach the hair and change hair color to a lighter color. 

7. Avoid excessive bleach time, over-bleaching will burn any human hair. 

8. Use diluted and light argan oil to maintain the hair and give it a natural healthy shine and smooth texture. 

9. Consult a professional hairdresser when trying to bleach, dye or perm this hair.