Natural Looking Hand-Twisted Dream Locs 15-Strands - 12" inches

$3.99 USD $9.99


Naturally beautiful, instantly chic.

Show your style with the beauty of Natural Looking Hand-Twisted Dream Locs. These 12-inch, 15-strand locs offer a soft, natural texture and lightweight feel. Crafted with interlocking crochet loops, they're easy to install and maintain. Perfect for any occasion and season, they provide a tight, secure fit that can be styled with a hot water setting. Achieve a stunning, natural look effortlessly with these versatile and elegant locs.

  • Natural Hand-Twisted Locs
  • Interlocking Crochet Loops
  • Hot Water Setting
  • Soft and Natural Texture
  • Lightweight and Tight
  • Suitable for any occasion and season.