Mayde Beauty Candy Curtain Bang Lace Front Wig- Bellamy

From $35.99 USD


Enhance your style with the Mayde Beauty Candy Curtain Bang Lace Front Wig - Bellamy. This wig from the Candy series offers a sleek, straight curtain bang that naturally frames your face. Pre-stretched ends provide a light and effortless look, perfect for any occasion.

Available in stunning HI and OM colors, it features a naturally highlighted appearance that adds dimension and flair. Easy to wear and style, the Bellamy wig ensures a flawless, fashionable look every time.

  • Curtain bang Candy series offers natural bang styles
  • Easy to wear and style!
  • Mayde Candy lace wig Bellamy is a straight curtain bang style that naturally frames your face with pre-stretched
  • Ends giving it a light and natural look.
  • It comes in special HI and OM colors
  • Features a natural highlighted look.