Mane 'N Tail Biotin Infused Micellar Sulfate-Free Conditioner - 11.2 oz

$8.79 USD

This formula is enriched with Biotion (B-7) to promote healthier hair growth. Sulfate Free, No Parabens or Dyes.
Gentle pH balanced formula cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping essential oils. Creamy conditioner moisturizes hair while detangling.
NO SULFATES. NO PARABENS. NO DYES. NO the NEW Micellar Biotin-infused formula.
WASH DAY WITHOUT THE WEAR AND TEAR ON YOUR HAIR! VEGAN FORMULA, created with vegan-friendly ingredients.
SILKY, SHINY, STRONG HAIR...creamy conditioning “milk” detangles, moisturizes, and infuses hair with MICELLAR WATER, ENRICHED PROTEINS and ESSENTIAL VITAMINS to help build and strengthen, while encouraging soft supple curls or straight smooth tresses.
BIOTIN (B-7), to help create healthier hair with essential vitamins proteins that revitalize and fortify strands, while encouraging hair growth by keeping hair stronger and longer BREAKAGE REDUCTION by imparting detangling properties during both the shampoo and conditioning steps, a process that will also reduce split ends. Conditioner may be used as a leave-in.
Keep from Freezing.