L'Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor - 1.7 oz - Choose Your Color

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By Loreal


Wear suitable, disposable gloves. Measure 2.5 fl. oz. of Oreor 30 Volume Developer into plastic applicator bottle. If your client's hair is relaxed, use a 20 volume developer only. Add entire contents of Excellence HiColor tube. Shake until smooth and creamy. Use exclusively with the recommended oxidant, Oreor 30 volume (9%) maximum.

  • Use Only the proportions indicated.

Application: Always apply hair color to dry, unwashed hair immediately after mixing.

Virgin Hair: Saturate the lengths and ends staying an inch away from the scalp, process for 20 minutes; apply to the root area and develop for 10 more minutes.

Retouching: Apply to the regrowth: develop for 20 minutes. Then apply to lengths and ends and process for an additional 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water until water runs clear and then shampoo.

Do not use with metal tools (clips, comb, etc.).

Rinse hair well after the processing time.