Level3 Men's Slime Gel

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Our innovative Slime Gel is developed to lock hairstyles in place while adding major shine. It boosts volume and texture too, for styles that are sleek and controlled but charismatic. It has a refreshing scent that anyone will love to get close to.

And because hair care is crucial, this crazy strong hold hair gel also moisturizes your strands with castor oil. So make it slime time every time, whether your personal style is a whipped pompadour, classic spikes, or tidy box braids.

Key Features

  • Super-strong hold and control plus long-lasting shine, volume, and texture
  • Enriched with castor oil to moisturize, soften, and protect every strand
  • Water-based, flake-free, and leaves zero residue for clean-hair confidence
  • Refreshing fragrance lifts your senses so you feel as good as you look
  • Create sleek or spiky styles, tame frizz before braiding, and more

Why It’s a Game-Changer
We’ve reinvented hairstyling with our unique Slime Gel, a super strong hold hair gel that’ll inspire your creativity. With its goopy texture, this gel easily works into your hair, allowing you to build sleek and standout styles. It adds flashbulb shine, mega volume, and exciting texture too, while giving you epic control over frizz and unruly strands. Boosted with castor oil, the formula cares for your hair while you style. It’s also flake-free, leaving no unsightly residue but dropping a hit of invigorating scent.

When you want your look to last - who doesn’t? - reach for this strong hair gel for insane staying power. It holds pompadours, quiffs, and spikes in place all day. The formula also smooths frizz and tames unmanageable strands, making it the ideal prepping product for braids and more. You get long-lasting shine, volume, and texture too, so you can take your styles to new heights.

Packed with castor oil, this is a moisturizing hair gel that promotes healthier looking locks. Castor oil lubricates the hair shaft to leave it smooth and sleek, while creating a thicker appearance and helping to prevent damage. The flake-free formula ensures a clean finish, so you’re always self-assured. 

With Level 3 Slime Gel, you’ll make a style statement and feel as good as you look. It holds, glosses, volumizes, texturizes, and elevates your senses with a refreshing scent. When you’ve rocked your style and it’s time to go low-key, this hair gel washes out easily, leaving behind no residue.