Level3 Men's Styling Powder Dust - 1 oz

$9.99 USD $11.99


Styling powder with staying power, for lasting volume and a matte finish. Level it up!

For hairstyles with a trendy edge, matte is where it’s at. A matte finish brings a modern twist to classic styles like pompadours and fauxhawks. It introduces texture and volume without making the hair look too messy. And - bonus - the matte look is easy to recreate with the right product, like our hair styling powder.

Simply sprinkle on this magic dust to create sky-high but soft quiffs that stay put all day. You can use this stuff on dry or damp hair, at home or in your barber shop. So shake it, baby, and take hair to new heights.

Key Features

  • Adds an on-trend matte finish to pompadours, quiffs, fauxhawks, and more.
  • Use on damp hair for hold and volume or on dry hair for enhanced texture.
  • Easy to apply and distribute, and leaves no greasy residue or clumps.
  • Rework your hair throughout the day and wash out the powder with ease.
  • Great for barbers and hairstylists, but so simple you can use it at home.