Kiss Gel Fantasy Allure Sculpted Nails- [FA50]

$10.99 USD


KISS Gel Fantasy Allure nails introduce brand new, multi-faceted designs and high fashion special effects.

The NEW collection features dazzling 3D gemstones, holographic aurora effects, intergalactic-inspired chrome effects, reflective glitter, and more super glamorous effects.

  • Style ‘How Dazzling’ has a reflective glitter effect. The sculpted silver fashion nails are medium length and square shaped
  • Ready-to-wear gel nails go on in minutes with easy glue-on on application
  • Nails are waterproof, chip-proof & smudge-proof, lasting for up to 7 days
  • Includes 28 fake nails, pink gel nail glue (2g), cuticle stick and mini nail file