K7 Wireless Multi-Purpose Spray Nano Blue Light Sanitizer/Atomizer

$19.99 USD


Structure: This nano spray gun adopts high temperature resistant PA material and high-quality nano nozzle. It is a power sprayer that can fog quickly, with large spray volume and ultra-fine spray. Through the normal temperature atomization design, you can use nano spray machine with confidence.

Widely used: Handheld nano sprayer can remove odors from home, school, company, transportation, etc. It can also add other liquids to the spray bottle of garden plants; also, it can also be used in salons to effectively moisturize facial treatments.

Capacity: 16.9 oz (500 ml) container! Anti-clogging internal duct, durable built-in liquid filter design. Do not use toxic or corrosive chemicals! Please discard the remaining liquid and clean the robot after use.

USB charging: portable, fast charging, charging time 50 minutes, continuous working time up to 2 hours, equipped with 8 kinds of bright particles.

Moderate capacity: Nano atomizer is very small and light in hand. The fogger sprayer can be applied directly to any surface, sofa, bed, bathtub, clothes, towels, rugs, keyboards, etc. The nano power sprayer allows you to enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment!