Head & Shoulders Dandruff Conditioner, Dry Scalp Care - 10.9 oz

$8.48 USD


Ignite your senses and feel it working with every wash. Head and Shoulders' unique formula works 7 surface layers deep in your scalp to help stop dandruff at its source and maintain healthy hair.

As the #1 dermatologist-recommended dandruff conditioner in America, Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Conditioner provides relief from dry, itchy scalp,+ flakes+ and oil^ with regular use.

By using Head and Shoulders conditioner instead of a cosmetic conditioner, you can preserve the ZPT (zinc pyrithione) deposited by Head and Shoulders shampoo to boost your dandruff-fighting power throughout the day.

Featuring fragrant notes of almond oil, Dry Scalp Care Conditioner restores the scalp's natural moisture to give you lush, that's up to 100% flake-free.* Our unique formula, with zinc pyrithione, delivers multiple benefits.