Gigi Natural Muslin Epilating Strips, for All Soft Waxes- SMALL SIZE- 100 Strips

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By Gigi


Get professional-quality hair removal at home with our GiGi Natural Muslin Strips - Small 100 Pack! Made only with fine natural muslin fabric, these unbleached muslin epilating strips are durable and mess-free. Perfect for targeting small skin areas with ease! Upgrade your hair removal waxing sessions with unmatched convenience and efficiency!

  • Small Natural Muslin Epilation Pack: Are you tired of struggling with low-quality waxing strips? Say goodbye to frustrating hair remoal waxing sessions with the GiGi Natural Muslin Strips - Small 100 Pack. Each natural muslin waxing strip package includes 100 high-quality sheets. Never run out in the middle of your sessions!
  • Precision Hair Removal Waxing: Take the hassle and awkwardness out of waxing smaller skin areas with the GiGi Natural Muslin Strips - Small 100 Pack. The perfect choice for flawless and easy detailed hair removal. Wax your or your customer’s upper lip, eyebrows, and bikini area without discomfort. Get weeks of smooth, hair-free, glowing skin. Removes right from the roots for longer-lasting results!
  • Natural and Hygienic Wax Strips: The GiGi Natural Muslin Strips - Small 100 Pack is made from top-quality unbleached natural muslin. This means they are free from harsh chemicals. The perfect choice for all skin types, lowers the chance of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Features an ultra-fine weave for maximum absorption, leaving no wax behind on the skin.
  • Perfect for the Salon and Home: The perfect muslin epilating strips choice whether you’re a waxing professional or a beauty enthusiast at home looking to touch up your brows. GiGi Natural Muslin Strips - Small are designed to make waxing easy and convenient, no matter where you are. Get excellent results with any soft wax you prefer at the salon or even in your home beauty corner!