EBIN NEW YORK Tinted Lace Wig Knots Concealer -

From $4.79 USD


Dual type wig knot concealer with brush to help you easily conceal the wig knots and grids to create natural and seamless look. The smooth concealer on one side of the dual stick spreads effortlessly while the brush allows for easy and even blending.

[WATERPROOF] Concealer is waterproof, therefore daily sweat and water will not cause color fading to keep your wig looking fresh. The color also can be easily removed with gentle wash with any hair cleansing products.

[LONG LASTING] Our concealer is formulated to give non oily light skin feel and not to leave a tacky residue behind which makes the color long lasting without fading so you can look flawless all day.

[SOFT BRISTLE] The concealer comes with super soft bristle that is perfect to naturally blend the concealer into the knot for seamless look.

[CRUELTY FREE] Cruelty free, vegan friendly. Say good bye to bleaching knot and hello to your wig’s new best friend.