BARBASOL Rechargeable 8-Piece All-in-1 Men's Grooming Kit

$24.99 USD

  • The Beard Trimmer is perfect for making you look like your true self. Our T-Blade Trimmer goes further and allows for better detail, outlines, and precision during your daily shave.

  • There is also those pesky hairs in more unsightly areas that requires our Ear and Nose Trimmer to remove. The Detail Trimmer further adds to your shaving experience by providing the best level of care possible.
  • Our Five-Position Adjustable Guide Comb allows you to craft the perfect length to your hair when styling.
  • The three Guide Combs additionally included, provide for the ideal look whether it’s stubble, medium, or full-length hair. We’ve also included oil and a cleaning brush for your convenience. You’ll also get 60 minutes of quality shaving time on a full charge. Get the best possible appearance with the Rechargeable All-In-One Men’s Grooming Kit.
Multiple Items for the Perfect Style
With our different devices, you can craft the ideal style for your beard and hair however you want to look.
Cut and Create The Look You Want
Get precise, sharp, and safe cuts that help create the best appearance possible when shaving or trimming.
Remove Unsightly Hairs from Difficult Areas
Use the Ear and Nose Trimmer to get rid of those annoying hairs that can often compromise your image.
Rechargeable For Quality Shaving Time
Charge our trimmer to get 60 minutes of quality shaving time.
Make Your Hair Perfect However It Looks
Our multiple Guide Combs allow you to have the perfect length to your hair, whether it’s Stubble, Medium-Length or Full-Length.