Bump Patrol for Her Calm & Hydrating Aftershave- Razor Bumps, Razor Burns, Ingrown Hairs

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Are you tired of dealing with razor bumps, razor burns, ingrown hairs, and irritation after shaving or waxing? Bump Patrol For Her is the new gold standard in aftershave for women to prevent hair removal irritation before it begins.

 Bump Patrol For Her Calm & Hydrating Aftershave is proven to be effective at eliminating the lingering effects of hair removal! If you already have bumps, burns, or ingrown hairs - it will help to eliminate them and give you smooth and healthy skin.

  • Apply After Every Shave - This ingrown hair serum and razor bumps treatment for women has been specifically designed to work on the most common areas that women shave - the bikini area, underarms, and legs. Shave, rinse the skin to remove excess shaving cream, pat skin dry, and apply to prevent and treat razor irritation.
  • Soothes and Smooths Skin - The active ingredients in our after shave for women work to soothe the skin and prevent inflammation and irritation, giving you smooth, healthy-looking skin that is free of razor bumps, razor burns, ingrown hairs, and irritation. This bikini bump blaster keeps your skin looking and feeling its best.
  • Designed for All Hair Removal Methods - Aftershave is a versatile solution to the irritation experienced after waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal. It keeps skin protected and soothes it for an irritation-free experience.