Beard Club Precision Beard Trimmer

$39.99 USD $69.99

Step up your grooming game with the Beard Trimmer for Men. This isn't just any trimmer; it's the secret behind James Harden's iconic look, delivering sharp, clean cuts every time. Imagine having the flexibility of a professional barber in your hands with 8 color-coded guides, offering 45 unique trimming lengths.
It's like having a personal styling assistant in your bathroom or hand, ensuring your beard and hair always look meticulously groomed.
It's not just about the look. The powerful lithium-ion battery powers a whisper-quiet 7000 RPM motor, giving you over 3 hours of cordless run time. 
It's like having a powerhouse in your palm €“ no cords, no fuss. The best part? It comes with a sleek LED Charging Display Stand, so you're always ready for your next trim.
  • James Harden's Personal Favorite - Sharp clean cuts, 8 color coded guides for 45 unique flawless trimming lengths.
  • Powerful Battery & Motor - Lithium-ion battery powers a 7,000 RPM quiet electric motor, giving you 3+ hours of consistent power without a cord
  • Travel Safe - built-in travel lock making our Precision Beard Trimmer completely portable and travel ready - no annoying wires holding you back
  • Easy to Clean - For a simple cleaning, wipe it clean or use the included brush to deeply clean the blade
  • Recharge anywhere - LED Charging Display Stand for at-home use or directly connect the cable to the trimmer when traveling
  • The Gift of Grooming - A perfect gift on birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion
  • Versatile for All Beards - Ideal for beards of any length and style
  • Warranty Included - 1 year limited warranty included