Ship Shape Professional Surface & Appliance Cleaner - 32 oz

$5.59 USD $13.35

Elevate the cleanliness of your salon with the King Research Ship-Shape Professional Surface & Appliance Cleaner. This versatile spray is a powerhouse in a bottle, offering a comprehensive solution to all your salon cleaning needs. Say goodbye to cluttered cleaning cabinets this product is all you need.

Formulated without phosphates, this cleaner is gentle on surfaces yet tough on grime. It excels in removing stubborn hair product residue and adhesives with ease, ensuring your appliances and surfaces remain spotless.
From mirrors to stainless steel, and even heat appliances like flat irons, this cleaner delivers exceptional results every time. 
Experience the brilliance of chrome as it sparkles like new and watch as glass and mirrors gleam without a single streak in sight. With just a spray and a wipe, salon stations, chairs, and sink basins are quickly and efficiently cleaned, saving you time and effort. 

Ship shape professional salon surface appliance cleaner 32oz by king research product features removes hair spray cleans mirrors, glass, vinyl, upholstery, chrome, chairs, tables, sink basins much more. Contains no phosphate made in USA keep out of reach of children.