Barbasol 11-Piece Essential Grooming Kit with Travel Bag

$29.99 USD


When you’re on the go, personal care can sometimes fall by the wayside. With the Barbasol 11-Piece Essential Grooming Kit, you’re all set for on-the-go maintenance.

Our rotary shaver allows you to trim, style and make your facial hair look it’s best. With stainless steel blades, you’ll have precise, sharp, and safe cuts that allow you to make your beard well defined while never rusting. You can use the body and beard trimmer to further modify your face or tackle more ridiculous hairs all over your body.

The ear and nose trimmer removes those pesky nightmares from both areas without sacrificing comfort. Also included are 2 nail clippers, 2 cuticle pushers, a tweezer, safety scissors and a nail file. All of which are transportable in our convenient carrying case wherever you go. Make your appearance the best it can be from your face to your toes with the 11-Piece Essential Grooming Kit.

  • 11 Grooming Items: Outside of our rotary shaver, body and beard trimmer and an ear and nose trimmer, you also have 2 nail clippers, 2 cuticle pushers, a tweezer, safety scissors and nail file.
  • Sharp, Detailed Shaves: The rotary shaver provides the best definition on your beard and other facial hair. Our shaver’s blades are stainless-steel and rustproof for easy maintenance.
  • Easy Hair Removal: The body and beard trimmer can help further modify your existing beard, removing awkward hairs. Rid more annoying ones with the ear and nose trimmer.
  • Convenient Travel Bag: We’ve included a travel case to carry all of your items whenever you need them on-the-go. Great for business trips, vacations, or other excursions.
  • Rechargeable Hair Shaver: Our rotary shaver comes with a CUL Cord and is rechargeable. 1 eight-hour charge provides for 45 minutes. First-time users need to charge it for 12 hours.
  • Battery-Powered Trimmers: The body and beard trimmer needs 2 AAA batteries, and the ear and nose trimmer needs 1 AA battery. Batteries Not Included/Must be purchased separately.
  • Cleaning Brush/Oil Included: Also included with our kit are a cleaning brush and oil to help with maintenance and upkeep.