BabylissPro® BlackFX Metal Lithium Outlining Trimmer FX787BN

$169.99 USD


BaBylissPRO® BlackFX Outlining Trimmer FX787BN

BLACKFX is professional-grade detailing trimmer with an exposed blade.

A T-blade guarantees precision control every time, and the 360-degree view ensures that it'll be easy to get your edges crisp and looking fresh.
Its hard lines are angled at 45 degrees, allowing for even more detailed cutting with a unique swivel head that can pivot in any direction.
One of the most popular features of this product is its battery-operated design so you never have to worry about stopping halfway through a trimming session because of lack of power!
  • Zero-gap exposed T-blade with 360° view
  • High-torque brushless
  • Ferrari-designed engine