Ebin NY 5-Second Detangler Spray for Natural Hair - 2 oz

$1.99 USD


For natural curls, coils and kinky textured hair, this detangler was designed to smooth cuticles, remove knots and tangles, as well as protect hair from heat styling tools.

Nano-grade multi-sized protein molecules allow nutrients to sink deeper into the cortex, repairing dry and frizzy hair.

Contains UVA and UVB filters to protect color from fading, and provides moisture for silky, soft and shiny texture.

❤ For Natural Curls, Coils & Waves

❤ Smooth Cuticles & Remove Knots and Tangles

❤ Protect Hair from Heat Styling Tools

❤ Repairs Dry and Fizzy Hair

❤ Protects Colors from Fading

❤ Provides Moisture for Soft and Shiny Hair