The Doux Bee Girl Collection Bee Girl Super Charged Honey Curl Custard - 16 oz

$12.88 USD
Proveedor The Doux

For the "woke up like this" contest, honey curl custard was all the rage! Enjoy curls that are juicy, bouncy, and soft thanks to super-charged honey that is formulated specifically for thirsty hair. As a result of the positive charge of natural honey, the negatively-charged hair cuticle when smothered by this shine boosting custard reduces frizz, and seals in moisture all day without weighing the hair down. No hard crunch or flaky residue.
  • The Doux Bee Girl Curl Custard is formulated for thirsty hair
  • Powered by honey to help hair reclaim its natural softness
  • Seals in moisture, boosts shine and fights frizz
  • Contains honey, aloe and vitamins B, C and E
  • No crunch or flaky hair residue