The Doux Bee Girl Collection Push It Edge Gel 8 oz

$12.49 USD
Proveedor The Doux

Push it really good! Smooth edges, braids, frizz, and flyaways with this Double Trouble holding gel that repairs while holding. Ooh, baby, baby, baby hairs!
The perfect finish for a pullback or box braid, and safe for color-treated and transitioning hair.
This honey-fueled gel hydrates, protects, and defines even the slickest styles with no crunch or flaky residue. The Bee Girl collection is super-charged using moisture-balancing honey, and aloe.
  • Contains honey and aloe.
  • Offers hair growth protection
  • Use to slick back, smooth edges, for braid and protective styles.
  • Fights against hair frizz and flyaways.
  • Safe for use on color treated hair.
  • Includes vitamins B,C, and E.