Melted Hairline HD Deluxe Wide Lace Part - Begonia

$64.99 USD
Proveedor OUTRE


Melted Hairline lets you show off those edges! Go ahead and slick your hair back, tuck it behind your ear, and swoop the natural-looking baby hairs. 

Melted Hairline® has ear-to-ear soft HD Transparent Lace, a pre-attached elastic band to ensure a secure, lift-free fit, and is pre-plucked to create a natural finish that melts right onto your hairline.

Seamless Hairline for the Realest Illusion

It’s a hairline you want to hide! Go ahead and slick your hair back or tuck it behind your ear.

Melted Hairline® features eat-to-ear HD Lace, and a Deluxe Wide Lace Part with mire hand-tied lace, so it blends beautifully with your skin to create a realistic finished look.

  • Soft HD Transparent Lace
  • Deluxe Wide Lace Part
  • Pre-Plucked Hairline & Sideburns
  • Pre-Attached Wide Elastic Band for a Secure Fit
  • Redesigned ComfortFit Ear Contour
  • Salon-Inspired Colors
  • Natural Baby Hairs
  • Cap Size: Average Size