Level3 Men's Professional Cutting Cape

$17.99 USD
Proveedor LEVEL3



When you reach for this cape, your client will know he’s about to get pro service with flawless attention to detail. The cape’s special fabric prevents water, product chemicals, and loose hairs from staining or spoiling your client’s clothes. The adjustable neck closure ensures the perfect fit, so your client feels comfortable while you’re cutting and styling. Offering fuss-free utility and superior chemical resistance, our professional hair cutting cape will elevate every client’s experience. It won’t break the bank either, so go stock up.   

Key Features

  • Superior resistance to water, color, bleach, and hairdressing chemicals
  • Made of lightweight polyester fabric for client comfort and easy cleaning
  • Fits over the front to fully cover and protect the client’s clothing
  • Adjustable neck closure to fit clients of all ages and sizes

Why It’s a Game-Changer

Our professional hair cutting cape is a vital and economical piece of barber gear. The cape is cleverly designed for easy application and complete protection against hairdressing chemicals. Your clients will appreciate your thorough service; you’ll love the versatility, convenience, performance, and value this cape represents. Winners all round. 

To accommodate clients of all ages and sizes, our barber cape features an innovative, adjustable button closure. The cape goes on over the client’s front, covering all his clothing and fastening securely yet comfortably at the back of the neck. Swishing this cape over your client is about more than just prepping him for his haircut. It’s the first step to providing him with an impeccable, unforgettable experience that keeps him coming back. 

Lightweight polyester makes our barber gown supremely comfortable, without compromising on protection. The fabric is waterproof, to keep your client’s clothes dry during shampooing. Dyes, bleach, and other commonly-used chemicals are no match for the resistant fabric, either. That reduces the risk of staining or damaging your client’s clothing. Loose hairs are easily caught and can simply be swept away post-cut, ensuring your client leaves looking fresh and flawless. Because nobody likes stray hairs on their new threads.

 As for practicality, our professional hair cutting cape nails it. Available in classic black and cool grey, it always looks pristine and will match any barber shop décor. L3VEL3 branding at the chest shows you value quality and are here to set trends. Who says your barber shop basics can’t look high-end? This cape is a standout and cost-effective too, delivering the functionality you need and the protection and comfort your clients expect.

Size: 58” L x 55.5” W.

How to Use

  • Simply sweep the cape over the front of your client’s body
  • Fasten the buttons at the back of your client’s neck
  • Adjust the buttons to fit your client’s neck size