Outre Xpression Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair - 3X's Pack - 42"

$4.99 USD
Proveedor OUTRE


 Achieve flawless braids effortlessly with Outre Xpression Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair. Each pack features three times the convenience, with 42 inches of pre-stretched and pre-layered strands for the quickest install. Easy to braid and manage, its ultra-lightweight design ensures comfort.

Plus, its hot water setting feature allows for versatile styling, while remaining tangle-free throughout. Choose from a vibrant range of colors to suit your style. Transform your look with ease using Outre Xpression Braiding Hair. 

Key Features

  • Pre-Stretched & Pre-Layered
  • Quickest Install
  • Easy to Braid
  • Easy to manage.
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Hot Water Setting
  • Tangle-Free
  • Choose from a variety of colors!