Murray's Caffeine Edgewax Gel Stimulate Hair Growth Unisex - 4 oz

$5.29 USD $7.09
Proveedor Murray's

Murray’s Edgewax with Caffeine helps stimulate hair growth by re-energizing follicles and helps revitalize thinning edges.
Designed to help stimulate hair growth, it still combines a premium gel with the holding power of Australian Beeswax providing a high shine, maximum hold, with no flaking.
  • Murray's Caffeine Edgewax Gel with 100% Australian Beeswax
  • Great Edge Control, Non-Flaking or Sticking
  • For Natural Styles
  • Caffeine Growth Technology is Designed to Aid Thinning Edges and Hair Follicles
  • All Hair Types
  • No Flaking
  • Non-Sticky Feeling