Level3 Collapsible Tint Bowl

$5.99 USD
Proveedor LEVEL3


Color crazy? Mix it up with our stain-resistant, space-saving, silicone hair dye bowl.

Whether it’s an all-over dye job or artsy flashes of color, the key to successful application lies with your tools. You may have to mix messy powdered colors; you might want more control over gloopy cream colors. Whatever the situation, our collapsible tint bowl offers an easy, convenient, and practical way to get down with dyes. Even bleach and vibrant dyes can’t stain this bowl, which contains no metal for safety and sure-fire results. Made of flexible yet durable silicone, the bowl pops up when you’re ready to work and flattens for tidy storage. So when dye is called for, you can get creative with color and paint like a pro.

Key Features

  • Made of quality silicone that’s lightweight and flexible but hard-wearing
  • Resistant to bleach, chemicals, stains, and abrasions so it stays pristine
  • Contains no metal that can oxidize hair dyes and spoil color results
  • Easy to grip and features a non-slip base to help prevent spills
  • Compact and collapsible for easy storage and portability

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Hair dye opens up a whole spectrum of creative opportunities. But real talk: working with dye is messy and unpredictable. Not so with our collapsible tint bowl, which is designed to make mixing and applying dye easier and more efficient. It’s a trailblazer from the way it performs to the way it slots neatly away in any cart or cupboard. It also represents awesome value for money, so you can get yours whether you’re a pro barber or a DIY-dye addict.

Our hair color mixing bowl outshines all others with its pliable yet hard-wearing silicone material. Silicone is the best choice when you’re working with dyes, as it’s highly resistant to bleach, chemicals, stains, and scuffs. It’s also metal-free, helping you avoid any chemical reactions or bad color results. Even if your client wants acid-yellow locks, even if you’re mixing like a demon with a hard plastic brush – this bowl won’t bat an eyelid. It’ll come up clean and stay pristine, ready for the next dye job.

Using our hair color bowl really is a stress-free experience. Pop it open and you’ll be impressed at how deep it is – deep enough for you to mix quickly without worrying about splashing dye everywhere. The anti-slip base hugs your worksurface as you mix, to help prevent accidental knocks and spills. The ergonomic lip and matte silicone finish make the bowl easy to grip as you apply hair color. When you’re done for the day or need to haul out with your barber kit, the bowl collapses so you can store it neatly and take it anywhere.  

If you’re looking for a high-performance-slash-great-value tint bowl, you just met The One. Smartly designed, this bowl will optimize the way you mix and apply hair dye, while presenting zero challenges when it comes to storage.

Dimensions: 5” W x 2” D. Available in black and pink.

How to Use

  • Pop out the bowl to full capacity
  • Pour in powdered, cream, or liquid hair dye and get mixing
  • Effortlessly hold the bowl in one hand as you apply dye with the other
  • Wash the bowl when you’re done and collapse it down for storage

Works Great With…
Bring out your inner artist by painting on dye with our Tint Brushes. There are six brushes in the pack for all your coloring needs. And PSA: you should glove up to prevent stained hands and irritated skin. Choose our bestselling Nitrile Gloves that deliver maximum protection against dyes and chemicals.