Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo + Conditioner Value Size - 16 oz

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Proveedor ISOPLUS


Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo + Conditioner


  • Leaves Hair Squeaky Clean
  • Neutralizes All Relaxer Types
  • Restores pH Balance.
  • Built-In Color Alarm
  • Shampooing Neutralisant
  • Removes Product Build Up


  1. Thoroughly rinse relaxer from hair.
  2. Apply ISOPLUS NEAUTRALIZING SHAMPOO +CONDITIONER to hair, work into lather and rise
  3. Repeat


  • ISOPLUS NEAUTRALIZING SHAMPOO +CONDITIONER color alarm will leave a pinkish color if all caustic residue is not removed from the hair and scalp. If suds are not white, DO NOT PROCEED! Shampoo hair again and rinse thoroughly.