I-Envy Emflowered Beautifully Flared 3D Lashes

$3.99 USD
Proveedor KISS


Fall in love with your eyes all over again! I-Envy Emflowered Beautifully Flared 3D Lashes add a touch of magic to your look. These lashes feature a natural blooming effect with a stunning criss-cross layering style, giving your eyes a fuller, more captivating appearance.

Perfect for any occasion, they enhance your natural beauty with a beautifully flared design. Lightweight and comfortable, these 3D lashes blend seamlessly with your own lashes, making them the ideal choice for a mesmerizing gaze. Transform your look and make every moment unforgettable with I-Envy Emflowered 3D Lashes.

  • Beautifully Flared 3D Lashes
  • Natural Blooming Effect
  • Criss-Cross Layering Style
  • 3D Lashes