BTL Professional Braiding Gel - 8 oz

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Proveedor BTL

Braider's Gel Now made with braiders in mind, the Dry Hand defense formula allows comfortable work without having to worry about your hands/fingers drying out or cracking.
The soothing effect prevents irritation and pain.

It has the same holding level as the original BTL Braiding Gel.

Whether your personal style is braids, twists or locs, BTL will help you get there. Formulated for both natural hair and extensions, get the hold you're looking for without the flakes or residue!


  • For Braiding: Apply gel with fingertips on the desired area and use a comb to run through each section of the braid. Use as much as needed.
  • For Locs: Apply gel to roots, comb the growth and twist. Use as much as needed.