BOW WOW X Twist King Slim Camouflage Regular by Red by Kiss

$11.99 USD
Proveedor KISS


The BOW-WOW X Twist King Slim Camouflage by Red by Kiss is 30% slimmer and lighter, making quick styling a breeze. Its unique design features specially crafted holes and curves for larger twists, coils, and curls. The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, while the advanced texture grabs hair effortlessly.

Enjoy twice the durability and hygiene compared to standard twist sponges, with no hair breakage or pulling. Super durable and washable, this brush is your ultimate tool for flawless hair twists.

  • 30% slimmer & lighter brush
  • Perfect twist for easy and quick styling
  • Specially designed holes & curved shapes for larger twists, coils, and curls
  • Ergonomic shape for comfortable handling and specially designed texture for better-grabbing hair
  • 2X longevity and hygienic compared to a regular twist sponge
  • No breakage and no pulling of hair
  • Super durable and washable