BaBylissPRO® Replacement ChameleoonFX Titanium Deep-Tooth T-Blade

$38.61 USD $48.99
Proveedor BaBylissPRO®


Bring striking colors to your styling game. The ChameleonFX Titanium Deep-Tooth T-Blade is zero-gap adjustable for close cuts. Enhance your look as a professional barber with an iridescent color pattern.

This cutting-edge replacement blade is designed to revolutionize your styling game, enabling effortless, ultra-precise, and clean cuts. With deep-tooth precision, it's perfect for crafting intricate details around beards, mustaches, and ears, ensuring your grooming work stands out. Compatible with the BaBylissPRO® GoldFX+ All-Metal Lithium Outlining Trimmer and LoPROFX High-Performance Low Profile Trimmer.

  • ChameleonFX Deep Tooth T-Blade
  • Titanium
  • Zero-Gap Adjustable
  • Fits all FX787 and FX726 models