As I Am Classic Smoothing Gel - 8 oz

$7.80 USD $11.39
Proveedor AS I AM

  • Provides a secure hold
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Adds shine
  • Rinses easily from the hair when it's time to cleanse
  • Won't dry out, harden or roughen hair


Provides Hold & Shine for Smooth Styling.
Formulated with Aloe Vera Gel, Sugar Beet Root, Vegetable Glycerin and Wheat Protein. It's made with organics which do the job, but in a gentle, healthy way. Great for smoothing the hairline or other areas of your "do" where you desire sleekness. Apply along your hairline to achieve smooth
edges and neat styles that are off the face. Also, It smooths down your entire crown, nape and sides for various natural hairstyles.
Non-Drying, Non-Flaking, Non-hardening formula.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing your hair, apply this product to damp hair.
Press it into place using your fingertips or a soft brush with natural bristle