Supreme Hair & Beauty 360 Degree Smart Gimbal Machine

$39.99 USD $65.00


360° AI intelligent automatic tracking: the new installation-free software 360-degree intelligent automatic tracking gimbal, which is very convenient to use and operate when it is turned on.360° infinite horizontal rotation, automatic follow without dead angle, record every day of a good life with interesting chase.

Free your hands: Allows you to live stream on any live streaming platform while following your best viewing position.

 Gesture control: When you make an OK gesture, you can recognize and follow the shooting, and when you make a palm gesture, the follow-up shooting is paused, and it is convenient to operate without buttons.

Free switching: horizontal and vertical screen, front and rear free switching, providing multi-angle shooting to meet various shooting needs.

Object tracking mode: Built-in delaying intelligent trajectory tracking algorithm, real-time target tracking and taking pictures, tracking object displacement, and automatically capturing interesting pictures.

VLOG shooting: unlock the camera position, VLOG close-up observation. Record the good life without asking for help.

Portable: only 220g, very small and light, easy to put in a backpack for travel.

 With tripod interface: the bottom is equipped with an internationally accepted 1/4 tripod interface (without tripod), compatible with most tripods, easy to carry, outdoor shooting. This product does not include tripod and Bluetooth remote control.

Long battery life: with 1200mah battery capacity, long battery life. Scope of application: Support 56-100mm mobile phones on the market. The clip can adjust the support angle.

Wide range of applications: 360-degree automatic tracking smart shooting stand for hands-free photography, video calls or shooting vlogs and live broadcasts, watching videos.