BaBylissPRO® Replacement Black Graphite Taper Blade

$38.61 USD $48.99
Proveedor BaBylissPRO®


The Black Graphite Taper Blade is designed to take your grooming expertise to new heights. This replacement blade is engineered for precision cutting, ensuring you can effortlessly create ultra-precise and clean cuts. What sets this blade apart is its taper design, allowing for versatile styling options.

Whether you need to master fades or create intricate designs, this blade consistently delivers exceptional results. It boasts ultra-low friction for smooth, comfortable styling, ensuring your clients' satisfaction. 

Features & Benefits

  • Black graphite taper blade
  • Fits FX890, FX870, FX825, FX673N and any 2-hole blade systems
  • Crescent-shaped blade that supports a natural rocking/scooping cutting motion
  • Naturally lubricated
  • Extremely durable
  • Ultra-low friction
  • Lower blade temperature