BaBylissPRO® FXONE Double-Foil Shaver Replacement Kit

$25.99 USD $27.99
Proveedor BaBylissPRO®


Upgrade your grooming routine with the BaBylissPRO® FXONE Double-Foil Shaver Replacement Kit. This premium kit is designed for the FX79FS models, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless performance. It includes a black titanium double-foil head, known for its durability and precision.

The two hypoallergenic foil cutters provide a smooth, irritation-free shave, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Keep your shaver performing at its best with this easy-to-install replacement kit, and enjoy a consistently close, comfortable shave every time.

  • Fits FX79FS Models (FXOne Double-Foil Shavers)
  • Includes 1 Black Titanium Double-Foil Head
  • Includes 2 Hypoallergenic Foil Cutters