Annie Luminous Pin Tail Comb

$1.79 USD
Proveedor ANNIE


Shine Bright, Style Right, Sparkle Always!

Prepare to sparkle with the Luminous Pin Tail Comb from Annie! These glittery sparkle combs will enhance your styling skills while showing off your vibrant personality. Made with 100% 13A Virgin Hair Bundles, this comb is perfect for creating flawless hairstyles. Whether you’re straightening or defining luscious curls, this tool will help you achieve perfect hair with a touch of flair. You can bleach, dye, and perm the comb, giving you endless styling possibilities.

  • Great for combing out tangles
  • Extra long wide teeth
  • 6 different attractive glitter finish (Black / Gold / Pink / Purple / Red / Mixed)
  • Premium quality material