Motown Tress High Quality Fiber Synthetic Wig - Sprite

$19.99 USD


Motown Tress High-Quality Fiber Synthetic Wig - Sprite

Unleash your unique style with the Motown Tress High-Quality Fiber Synthetic Wig in the trendy 'Sprite' style. This chic wig boasts spiral curls and spikey ends that are perfectly tapered, giving you a vibrant and playful look. 

Made from 100% synthetic material, this wig feels lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. With a 10" finish length, it adds just the right amount of flair to your everyday look. Make a statement, stay confident, and express your personality with ease with this stylish wig that will elevate your fashion game in no time.

  • STYLE : Spiral curl with spikey ends tapered
  • HAIR MATERIAL : 100% Synthetic